Recent and upcoming investment

  • Aerospace: Mexican aerospace manufacturer Hydra Technologies closed the first sale of its Ehecatl unmanned aircraft to a foreign customer at the Paris Air Show this month.  Hydra’s export order by a Canadian buyer, the value of which was not revealed, includes six aircraft, supporting equipment and services.  The contract represents the first export order of completed aircraft designed and built by a Mexican company, a major step forward for the country’s burgeoning aerospace industry.
  • Automotive: Japanese automaker Mazda at long last confirmed rumors that it will build a major new production facility in the central Mexican city of Salamanca, Guanajuato State.  The US$500 million facility, planned to produce next-generation engines and automobiles, is scheduled to open in 2013.
  • Trade: Chinese trade promotion agency Chinamex announced plans to build a Dragon Mart shopping center in Cancun, Mexico, via initial investment of US$150 million.  The complex, which will offer exhibition space, importation facilities, retail and wholesale outlets and restaurants, is intended to promote exports by small and medium sized Chinese companies.
  • Logistics: Mexican courier and logistics company Redpack inaugurated a new Operations Center in the western city of Guadalajara, Jalisco.  The US$6 million facility provides freight yards, warehousing, loading docks and office space to facilitate the company’s freight management for the western region.
  • Automotive: Platinum Tool Technologies, a Canadian manufacturer of molds for the automotive industry, formally inaugurated its plant in the northern state of Coahuila following US$1.75 million in investment. The facility provides high quality repairs, maintenance and engineering changes for molds and tooling.
  • Health care: A consortium of public and private institutions in Monterrey, Nuevo León, is projecting investment of US$400 million over the coming years to develop a health care cluster to be called “Monterrey City of Health”.  The project involves hospitals, laboratories, universities and research centers, and is intended to attract patients and health professionals from elsewhere in Mexico and around the world for advanced care and professional opportunities.
  • Steel: South Korean steel maker Posco announced plans to invest US$300 million to build the second stage of a galvanized steel plant in the northeastern state of Tamaulipas.  The producer of steel for Mexico’s auto industry announced that the pace of expansion of its Mexico operations was among the fastest in its history.
  • Cosmetics: Turkish cosmetics laboratory B’iota will invest US$30 million in an effort to enter the Mexican market for their skin care products.  The company is specifically targeting the segment of depilatory products, which expanded by a reported 76% in 2010.
  • Logistics: U.S.-based operator of industrial distribution facilities Prologis plans to invest up to US$88 million in its recently inaugurated Ladero Intermodal Terminal & Industrial Park outside of Mexico City.  US$14 million of the resources were used to open the first phase of the facility.  Prologis became the world’s largest operator of its type this year through a merger with AMB Property Corporation.
  • Tourism: Mexico’s first domestically owned and operated cruise ship line, Ocean Star Cruises, is investing US$100 million in the first phase of its service launch this year.  The company began offering routes along the country’s Pacific coast in April 2011 with calls at Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Manzanillo, Ixtapa and other locations.
  • Energy: Spanish energy multinational Abengoa will build a new electricity generating plant in the northwestern state of Baja California Sur.  The US$91 million power plant is projected to come on line in 2013.
  • Energy: Spanish solar panel manufacturer Siliken inaugurated a new US$27 million production plant in the northern city of Tijuana, near San Diego.  Siliken joins Kyocera and United Solar Systems in Tijuana’s solar manufacturing community.
  • Mining: Canadian mining company Goldcorp will invest US$400 million to expand gold and silver operations at three of its mines in the northern state of Zacatecas.  Goldcorp’s aggressive growth in the area is a key part of robust activity currently taking place in the Mexican mining industry.


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