Media goes ga ga for bright future in Mexico

Lookin' good
Lookin' good

As we have crabbed before in this space, for the longest time it seemed like all you ever saw in the press about Mexico was nasty news about drug trafficking violence.  But at some point in 2012, it was like a new memo went out (and maybe one did), and all of a sudden stories started popping up about Mexico’s economic progress, bright future, and flashy manufacturing industries.  It’s not like our problems have gone away – they certainly have not – but it is nice to see something more positive in the media for once.  After a while we started collecting these stories to enjoy time and time again, so we thought we’d share them so that you can enjoy them as much as we have.

Go on, have a look.  Let’s savor our spell in the golden light of favor while it lasts:

MoneyWeek: Why you should be excited about Mexico

New York Times: Mexico: The New China

Forbes: For American Exporters, Mexico Is The China Next Door

City A.M.: Mexico and Indonesia to eclipse UK’s GDP by 2050

What Investment: Mexico tipped over Brazil for 2013

World Politics Review: At Long Last, Mexico’s Bright Future

Reuters: Credit Suisse bankers see iconic IPOs in Mexico next year

The Economist: From darkness, dawn

Nearshore Americas: Presidential Election is a Win for Mexico

Fox News (!): Study Ranks Mexico as World’s Fourth Best Investment Destination

Foreign Policy Blogs: Mexico’s Growing Middle Class

Wall Street Journal: The Next Emerging Tech Powerhouse: Latin America

Financial Times: Made in Mexico gains ground on China

Reuters: Mexico could pass Brazil as top LatAm economy in 10 years

MoneyMorning: Why Mexico’s Economy Could Be One of the Most Attractive Emerging Markets

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