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Recent and upcoming investment

Reports on some recent and upcoming investment collected from the local business media:

  • Plastics:  The Manufacturing Industry Chamber of Nuevo Leon (Caintra) announced an initial US$1 million investment to build the Mexican Institute for Technological Innovation in Plastic and Rubber in the Monterrey area.
  • Electronics: IBM formally inaugurated new manufacturing installations in Jalisco developed at an estimated cost of US$20 million.  The facilities are intended specifically for the production of IBM’s high-end XIV Storage Systems for export to the United States, Europe and other areas.
  • Toys: Spanish toy manufacturer and retailer Imaginarium announced ambitious plans to expand operations in Mexico with an initial investment of US$1.6 million.  The company plans to open over 40 new retail locations in the country by 2013, in addition to potentially manufacturing in Mexico.
  • Retail: Despite underwhelming economic recovery, Mexico’s top retailer Wal-Mart de Mexico announced plans to invest over US$900 million this year.  The plans include the opening of 300 new locations across the company’s various retail formats and the remodeling of existing stores.
  • Mining: Canadian mining company First MajesticSilver Corp. opened a mineral processing plant in the northern state of Coahuila in late 2009.  The US$22 million plant will produce gold and silver. Continue reading Recent and upcoming investment