Trans-Gulf rail cargo ferry service logs milestone voyage

Rail ferry service
Rail ferry service to Coatzacoalcos

We seem to be getting in the habit of saying we don’t usually post press releases, like when we just posted one a few weeks ago. But we’re not totally averse, especially when the topic fits our themes here at Mexico Business Blog. Such is the case of the 1,000th voyage of the trans-Gulf of Mexico Short Line Rail Ferry service run by our colleagues at CG Railway, in Mobile, Alabama. The Rail Ferry offers sea service to ship rail cars from the Port of Mobile to the southern Mexican Gulf port of Coatzacoalcos, providing an alternative for agricultural products, forest products, chemicals, minerals, metals and other products commonly shipped by overland rail to Mexico. This type of thing is of interest to us, as all freight services are, due to our work supporting NAFTA trade in general and grain shipping in particular. In any case, we invite you to read the story of the 1,000th voyage of the Short Line Rail Ferry service to Coatzacoalcos as only CG Railway can tell it:

Mobile, Alabama, August 29, 2014 – CG Railway, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of International Shipholding Corporation (NYSE: ISH), announced that its Rail Ferry Service between the United States and Mexico reached a milestone today with the sailing of its 1000th voyage.

CG Railway’s Short Line service commenced in January of 2001 with two Rail Ferry vessels providing a short sea alternative to overland rail routes originating in the Eastern United States and bound for Central and Southern Mexico. Travelling between Mobile, AL and Coatzacoalcos, Mexico, the service expanded in 2007 from a single-deck operation to a double-deck operation, increasing the onboard capacity of each vessel to an average of 115 railcars. Since that time, the expanded CG Railway Short Line service has consistently delivered the highest levels of performance and customer service while handling increasing cargo volumes.

CG Railway has direct interchange with U.S. Class 1 and short-line railroads serving the port of Mobile, AL, as well as the Ferrosur railroad serving the port of Coatzacoalcos in Mexico. CG Railway offers competitive and expedient solutions for the transportation of a variety of goods moving by rail to and from Mexico, including forest products, chemicals, minerals, metals, agricultural products and – starting in the 1st quarter of 2015 – refrigerated freight. CG Railway service cuts across the Gulf of Mexico, rather than the U.S./Mexico border crossings, increasing forward visibility and saving valuable time in the supply chain.

Kevin Wild, Senior Vice President of CG Railway, said, “By providing an efficient short sea solution that facilitates trade from the U.S. and Canada to Mexico, the Rail Ferry provides a unique, high-quality service that we are proud to offer our valued customers. This milestone is a direct result of our strong relationships with loyal customers and the tireless efforts of our dedicated staff. Our focus remains on providing an economically feasible alternative to traditional routes, and – even as we take a moment to appreciate how far we have come – we eagerly look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead.”

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