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Mexico and EU resolve manchego kerfuffle

Last month we posted an item regarding a tug of war over the name “manchego” for cheese, during the negotiations to update the Free Trade Agreement (TLCUEM) between Mexico and the European Union (EU). This month the issue was resolved, with the EU agreeing to allow Mexico to continue using the name manchego for domestically produced cheese, as long as it is produced from cow’s milk, rather than the sheep’s milk from which Spanish manchego is traditionally made. Mexicans are now once again free to continue purchasing the mass produced domestic manchego for use in children’s school lunches or stoner munchies.

Mexico faces uncertainty in 2018

We’ll try to make this brief since *cough* we have a date with the holiday punch bowl and we presume most of our assiduous readers are already there.  Once again to our astonishment we find ourselves at the last working day of the year, feeling like we were just here a minute ago in 2016.  But a lot has happened over the past year that is having a big impact on Mexico, North America and the rest of the world, so we’ll just throw out a few thoughts on the topic before we grab the Riunite out of the coffee nook fridge and head out to the house parties. Continue reading Mexico faces uncertainty in 2018

What will happen to Roma and Condesa?

The earthquake that struck central Mexico on September 19, 2017 killed over 350 people and caused extensive damage to the capital city and surrounding areas.  Many more people were injured and even more now must face the loss of their homes or businesses.  As survivors of this event, Mexico Business Blog grieves for our friends, neighbors, colleagues and all those whose lives have been so brutally disrupted.  The details and descriptions of the earthquake itself have been reported comprehensively elsewhere, so in this post we would like to present some observations from our own experience and address the future of our community in the near to medium term. Continue reading What will happen to Roma and Condesa?