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New electricity rules to bolster solar market

Distributed generationIt’s hard to imagine that nearly seven years have passed since we published our last post on net metering in Mexico, but maybe it shouldn’t be surprising considering how painstaking and fraught with challenges the move toward energy market liberalization has been.  For generations, production and sale of electricity in Mexico was reserved for the state and carried out principally by the public enterprise Federal Electricity Commission (CFE).  The current administration’s 2014 energy sector reform, however, sought to modernize energy markets across various sectors such as oil, gas and electricity.  In the electricity market, the proposed changes include not only permitting private companies to generate and sell electricity, but to permit and incentivize distributed generation by independent small-scale producers.  Now, regulatory changes published over the past two months appear to mark an important step forward toward the development of a smart grid and distributed generation. Continue reading New electricity rules to bolster solar market