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What will happen to Roma and Condesa?

The earthquake that struck central Mexico on September 19, 2017 killed over 350 people and caused extensive damage to the capital city and surrounding areas.  Many more people were injured and even more now must face the loss of their homes or businesses.  As survivors of this event, Mexico Business Blog grieves for our friends, neighbors, colleagues and all those whose lives have been so brutally disrupted.  The details and descriptions of the earthquake itself have been reported comprehensively elsewhere, so in this post we would like to present some observations from our own experience and address the future of our community in the near to medium term. Continue reading What will happen to Roma and Condesa?

Mexico City bike sharing program brings cultural changes

Imma ride that shizzle
Imma ride that shizzle

The recent inauguration of the Citi Bike bicycle sharing program in New York City captured headlines, momentarily spiking media interest in this most modern form of urban mass transit.  Reading about Citi Bike, our own blood ran cold at the very idea of riding a bicycle in New York City traffic.  Which is ironic, because we race through Mexico City traffic every day using the city’s Ecobici public bicycle program, which pre-dates New York’s by some three years.  OK, so it can be a little scary at times, but fear is also excitement, right?  It’s that kind of town.  So as long as we’re on the topic, we would like to make a few observations about how the sneaky city government is using some guileless bicycles to bring about potentially profound changes in the underlying culture of our community beyond its carbon footprint. Continue reading Mexico City bike sharing program brings cultural changes