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Recent and upcoming investment in Mexico

  • Industrial gases: Cryoinfra, subsidiary of Mexican industrial gas producer Grupo Infra, inaugurated a new cryogenic production plant in the northeastern state of San Luís Potosí, the company reported. The US$65 million facility is expected to produce oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and argon for hospitals and industrial plants in the country’s central Bajío region. (Lider Empresarial, April 29, 2022)
  • Beer brewing: U.S. drinks conglomerate Constellation Brands announced plans to build a new beer brewery in the eastern Gulf coast state of Veracruz. Construction on the US$1.3 billion mega-plant was originally begun in the northern border city of Mexicali before being cancelled in 2020 at the initiative of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. (El Financiero, April 22, 2022)
  • Automotive: South Korean automotive components manufacturer LG Magna e-Powertrain began construction of a new production plant in the northern state of Coahuila, the company reported. The US$100 million facility is planned to produce inverters, motors and chargers for General Electric electric vehicles. (Reforma, April 20, 2022)
  • Furniture: Chinese furniture manufacturer Kuka Home initiated construction of a new production site in the northeastern state of Nuevo León, the company reported. The US$200 million plant is expected to produce upholstered sofas, chairs and beds beginning in 2023. (Milenio, April 18, 2022)
  • Pet food: U.S.-owned pet food producer Mars Petcare announced plans to expand its production plant in the central state of Querétaro. The US$100 million upgrade is expected to more than double the site’s current production capacity to over 70,000 tons of wet pet food annually. (Somos Industria, April 2022)

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Mexican economy showing flickers of life

Mexico has surpassed 104,000 deaths due to COVID-19, the fourth highest total among world nations, and total accumulated cases exceed one million.  The rate of infection remains uneven throughout the country, however five major states including Mexico City are registering an upward trend in the number of cases and are perilously close to returning to the red or highest level on the national epidemiological traffic light system.  A return to red would signify closure of all but essential businesses and other strict restrictions on movement and economic activity.  At the same time, 16 of Mexico’s 32 states are currently at the yellow level, implying relatively minor restrictions, and one state, Campeche, has returned to green or restriction-free status. Continue reading Mexican economy showing flickers of life

A little investment, a lot of COVID-19

Reported investment into Mexico has dropped way off during the COVID-19 era, but there was a glimmer over the past month.  Following the update on the pandemic situation in Mexico we provide some examples of economic activity:


The spread of COVID-19 remains strong in Mexico however it has stabilized in some parts of the country.  Mexico currently is ranked 11th in the world among countries with the highest number of accumulated confirmed cases.  Local health officials’ methodology for allowing increased economic activity includes factors such as the rate of increase in the number of cases and the level of occupation of hospital beds.  On this basis, in the past week 18 states have advanced from red, the highest level of alert and restriction, to orange, the second highest.  Fourteen states remain at red, or maximum restriction of economic activities.  States at the orange level, including the capital city, may reopen retail businesses and restaurants at a limited level of capacity in stages during the first two weeks of July.  Offices for most businesses remain closed. Continue reading A little investment, a lot of COVID-19