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Economic slowdown the talk of the town

Ten years ago we were crawling around in the smoldering wreckage of the 2008 financial crisis, hoping to survive the economic nuclear winter on grubs and bark.  Heaven knows there were some lean times there but somewhere along the way things must have turned around because in more recent years, to hear the media tell it, the North American economy had become Biggie Smalls, spending its days smoking blunts and drinking Cristal with chickenheads in a jacuzzi and it was all good.  Biggie’s long dead of course and the media are now auguring a similar fate for the NAFTA-zone economy, and much like back-to-school, we feel like we’re not ready for the heady summer of fun to end. Continue reading Economic slowdown the talk of the town

Where Mexico is at as 2014 comes to a close

How about it?
How about it?

We are into late December here at the Mexico Business Blog Global Campus, which is either a sprawling, eco-friendly complex in central Mexico City or a fortified underground lair carved deep into the Ajusco mountain, depending on our temperament each day. Virgin of Guadalupe Day has come and gone already, which means most office workers’ minds here in Mexico are now fully focused on the customary end-of-year lunches, dinners and receptions that are taking the place of any kind of work that might otherwise have been performed or at least thought about. We, of course, are maintaining our usual stringent productivity standards but before we head out to the next punchbowl-centric holiday soiree, we thought we would comment briefly on some things that happened in Mexico over the past year. Continue reading Where Mexico is at as 2014 comes to a close