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PRD roadshow touts Mexico as risky hellscape

WTFMexico’s leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) and their associated frenemies in Congress and civil society have been the source of much entertaining political theater over the years.  The PRD’s position as the country’s third largest political force sets it up for occasional legislative bullying by the two parties with larger representation in Congress, the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and the conservative National Action Party (PAN).  Lacking the votes to throw their weight around, the PRD has resorted to some creative maneuvers, but this time it seems they have truly decided to invoke Monty Python’s classic proclamation “And now for something completely different.” Continue reading PRD roadshow touts Mexico as risky hellscape

Mexico reforms aim to improve competitiveness and boost economy

InfrastructureThroughout recent administrations in Mexico, the growing need for institutional reforms in the country has been pointed out repeatedly by multilateral organizations such as the OECD and development banks, as well as by local analysts.  In a number of areas, such as energy, policies and structures are still in place that were set up a over half-century ago to respond to conditions at the time.  Institutions such as the state-owned oil monopoly Pemex and the national teachers union SNTE are widely seen as a drag on the country’s competitiveness in the modern global economy.  The recently concluded administration of President Felipe Calderon made a game attempt to push forward some reforms, but these were largely undermined by the opposition Institutional Revolution Party (PRI), which saw its own opportunity to return to power looming on the horizon.  The PRI did retake the presidency in the 2012 election, and new president Enrique Peña Nieto has energetically launched a flurry of reform proposals since taking power in December 2012.  The following is a brief overview of reforms either proposed or already signed into law since last year, and some of their implications for business in Mexico: Continue reading Mexico reforms aim to improve competitiveness and boost economy