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Migration shaping mezcal boom in Oaxaca

MezcalHere in Mexico City’s trendy Roma and Condesa neighborhoods, mezcalerías are all the rage these days. Based on this observation as well as more authoritative sources, it seems that Mexico’s traditional distilled beverage par excellence has entered into a full fledged boom phase. It was, therefore, out of our sense of unflagging commitment to Mexico Business Blog’s readers that we recently conducted some field research on mezcal with our friend and colleague Alvin Starkman. Alvin is an authority on artisanal mezcal production in Oaxaca, and he was kind enough to take us up into the valleys outside of Oaxaca City to meet some indigenous mezcal producers, sample their wares, and tell us about the trends that are shaping the industry now that Oaxacan mezcal has become a hot seller domestically and internationally. It’s a fascinating tale of the evolution of an industry, so instead of trying to summarize it ourselves, we prefer to let Alvin explain it in his own authoritative manner. The following article is posted here by permission of the author.

For information on Alvin Starkman’s mezcal education excursions in Oaxaca, visit www.mezcaleducationaltours.com.

But first, read the article on the evolving mezcal industry here:

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Mezcal a Rising Star in Global Premium Spirits Market

Mezcal process Sept 10 - 08009Ed. note: This week Mexico Business Blog is pleased to feature a contribution from our colleague Alvin Starkman, a specialist in Oaxacan culture and mezcal.  Starkman argues that a broader public policy vision is needed to protect the cultural and biological diversity of artisanally produced mezcal, and we agree.  

Alvin Starkman, M.A., J.D.*

Mezcal’s star has risen to new heights with each ensuing year since about 2007, with no end in sight to its increasing popularity, export to new markets, and consumption.  Knowledge of the diversity of Mexico’s agave-based spirit is finally starting to reach consumers outside of the particular region where it is distilled.  Mezcal is en route to potentially becoming the globe’s most complex spirit, rivaling single malt scotch whiskies, with its innumerable flavor and aroma nuances.

Mezcal aficionados, as well as those who have traditionally coveted a favorite tequila, scotch, brandy or other spirit, have begun to yearn for something new to stimulate the palate on a continual basis – just as oenophiles who appreciate or collect wines from certain regions, varietal types, and methods of manufacture.  Mezcal offers a similar range.  Continue reading Mezcal a Rising Star in Global Premium Spirits Market