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PRD roadshow touts Mexico as risky hellscape

WTFMexico’s leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) and their associated frenemies in Congress and civil society have been the source of much entertaining political theater over the years.  The PRD’s position as the country’s third largest political force sets it up for occasional legislative bullying by the two parties with larger representation in Congress, the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and the conservative National Action Party (PAN).  Lacking the votes to throw their weight around, the PRD has resorted to some creative maneuvers, but this time it seems they have truly decided to invoke Monty Python’s classic proclamation “And now for something completely different.” Continue reading PRD roadshow touts Mexico as risky hellscape

Peña fiddles merry tune while opposition burns

Pena fiddlesMexican President Enrique Peña Nieto is a busy fella with a lot on his mind.  On one hand he’s struggling to create economic growth domestically with a world economy that just can’t get off the shneid, and on the other, the state of Michoacan has been taken over by gangs of gun-toting farmers.  Not good.  So it’s got to come as a relief to Mr. Peña that he doesn’t have to worry about undermining opposition political parties, because that task has been embraced with zeal by the opposition parties themselves.  It is a moment when they could be rallying the troops to put all their strength into blocking the president’s ambitious reform drive, or at least wringing some concessions out of the ruling PRI.  But instead, they are tearing themselves limb from limb, leaving Peña to ask, à la Ed Koch, “How’m I doin’?” Continue reading Peña fiddles merry tune while opposition burns

Energy reform driving speculation on big growth

Foreign investors
Foreign investors

For the last few months of 2013, observers in Mexico and abroad looked on from the sidelines as local pols here blustered over energy reform in the most grandiose of terms.  Free markets will mark the path to a glittering tomorrow!, supporters whinnied.  Traitors to the fatherland will have us enslaved by rapacious foreign robber barons!!, opponents brayed, expectorating spittle.  But since the historic reform legislation was signed into law on December 20, 2013, of course nothing so exciting as glitter or enslavement has occurred.  This is because no one with any skin in the game is likely to move a muscle before the reform’s secondary legislation is promulgated, as has been widely discussed in the media. Continue reading Energy reform driving speculation on big growth