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Mexico determined to grow exports to China

043015_1805_Mexicodeter1.jpgFor most of the NAFTA era, China remained in the background of Mexico’s trade relationships as attention was focused on North America. In recent years, however, here at Mexico Business Blog HQ, we have noticed two things related to China. The first is that in our frequent discussions with industrial equipment distributors in Mexico, we find that now some of them represent Chinese product manufacturers, when years ago this was rare at best. Second, in past decades few Chinese companies could be seen exhibiting at Mexican industrial trade shows, and now the Chinese presence at these events is substantial and growing. These circumstantial observations suggest that Mexico’s trade relationship with China has heated up in recent years, and a quick look at the numbers backs this up. Continue reading Mexico determined to grow exports to China

Infrastructure spending to boost key industries

Who loves you, baby?
Who loves you, baby?

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto presented the National Infrastructure Program (PNI) for his government, which covers the period 2013 – 2018, on April 28, 2014.  The PNI is highly anticipated in various sectors of the economy, due to the boost it is expected to bring to the affected industries, not to mention to the national economy as a whole.  The construction industry in particular depends on government spending on roads, subsidized housing and engineering projects for the big contracts that power major players such as ICA, IDEAL, OHL, PINFRA and others.  With the construction sector posting negative growth going back to the end of 2012, builders and government economists alike are hoping a healthy dose of public spending will help pull the industry out of the tank. Continue reading Infrastructure spending to boost key industries