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Retrograde electricity reform upsetting the neighbors

We have commented before in this space about President López Obrador’s relentless campaign to dismantle the previous administration’s energy sector reform that cleared the way for participation by private companies.  For us, the historic reform was akin to throwing open the door to an attic that had been locked for years with a dead body inside (Pemex, in this case) to finally let in fresh air.  Most of the ham-fisted maneuvers by the president and his enablers in the Mexican Congress have been at least temporarily blocked by legal challenges, including at the Supreme Court level.  Undeterred, Mr. López Obrador (AMLO) launched his latest and most ambitious salvo this past week, ramming through the Chamber of Deputies via fast-track a reform of the current electricity law granting advantages to the state-owned former monopoly Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) at the expense of privately financed electricity generation plants. Continue reading Retrograde electricity reform upsetting the neighbors

Mexico pouring on the green energy initiatives

Plugged in
Plugged in

On the heels of its recently concluded year-long presidency of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP16), Mexico is soldiering on with its sustainability policy blitz.  In late November, the Federal Regulatory Improvement Commission (Cofemer) issued its approval of proposed new regulations under which independent entities generating power from renewable sources may connect to the national electricity grid.  Last year, we reported with great satisfaction that the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) had created a contract that allowed independent producers of energy for their own consumption to connect to the grid via a net metering system.    The new regulatory document, under the nimble title “General Rules of Interconnection to the National Electric System for Generators or Permit-holders with Renewable Energy Sources or Efficient Cogeneration,” is intended to streamline the process and lower the overall cost of grid integration for independent producers.  The administrative, legal and technical requirements, formerly distributed among various prior documents published by different agencies, will now be incorporated into the single regulatory document.  The Energy Ministry (Sener) may now publish the new regulations in the Official Gazette, with the hope that facilitating the process will hasten the contribution of new and more environmentally friendly generating plants to the country’s energy supply.  If you feel you must, you can read the Cofemer’s final opinion on the new regulations here (oh go on, we did). Continue reading Mexico pouring on the green energy initiatives