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Haitian migration impacting Tijuana economy and culture

TijuanaIn March 2017, approximately two months ago, we accompanied representatives of a funding organization to the city of Tijuana to learn about the impact of Haitian immigration in the area.  Tijuana, an industrial city located on the U.S.-Mexico border near San Diego, California, is well known as a last stop for migrants from Mexico and other Latin American countries before trying to enter the United States, legally or otherwise.  Our colleagues at the foundation had provided funds for local organizations assisting the Haitian migrant community and they wanted to see how the money was being spent.  What we found was truly remarkable. Continue reading Haitian migration impacting Tijuana economy and culture

New initiatives look to improve border crossing

Cross Border XpressOne of the most common complaints we hear in our business and travel between Mexico and the United States is how long it takes to cross the border, whether one is a vacationer or a shipping container full of merchandise. Considering the huge volume of trade between the two countries and 20 years of experience under NAFTA, it is remarkable how difficult or at least time consuming the process still can be. Fortunately, two new initiatives recently put into place suggest that authorities and the private sector are trying to find ways to improve procedures. Continue reading New initiatives look to improve border crossing

Aerospace supplier forum set for Tijuana

airplane_cartoonWhile many industries are struggling in the current down economy, aerospace continues to post robust results in Mexico.  Aerospace manufacturing and support services in the country have grown from a relatively minor industry in the 1990s to become one of the world’s leaders by 2010.  Particularly in recent years, as the momentum of clusters grew, the industry has exploded from about 60 companies in 2004 to over 200 currently.   Export sales are projected at US$3.4 billion for 2009, and are expected to exceed US$4 billion in 2010.

Tijuana, the center of one of Mexico’s aerospace clusters, will host a forum in March to bring together aircraft manufacturers and suppliers of the parts and components they need.  The event will feature a conference series as well as one-on-one matchmaking meetings.  Full information and registration can be found here: